General Surgery Education and Training (GSET) Program

In 2022, the Australian Board in General Surgery will be implementing the revised General Surgery Education and Training (GSET) program.  The overall objective of the GSET Training program is to ensure that the graduating General Surgery trainee has the competencies and skills required to undertake core General Surgery procedures, be able to participate independently in an acute on call general surgical roster and be competent across the RACS Core Competencies.

GSET is a five (5) year training program structured into two stages – Core and Principal.

Core Training

GSET Levels 1 – 3 and focuses on the foundation skills relating to general surgery

Principal Training

GSET Levels 4 – 5 where the trainees’ involvement and clinical complexity is increasing

An overview of the development of the GSET program can be found here.


Trainees who commenced their General Surgery training in 2021 or prior will remain on the SET (Surgical Education and Training) Program and are governed by those Regulations which can be found here. Trainees who deferred their training and will therefore commence in 2022 onwards will undertake the GSET Program.

The GSET Regulations can be found here.


The new General Surgery Curriculum that accompanies the GSET program can be found here.

The new Curriculum encompasses all the RACS competencies.  Please note that current SET Trainees will continue to be examined under the SET Curriculum.

GSET Evaluation

The Australian Board in General Surgery has approved the following Evaluation Strategy in order to be able to adequately evaluate the GSET Program in terms of:
• Ability to assess Trainees against the Curriculum milestones
• Ability of the assessments and milestones to guide feedback
• Ability to adequately progress Trainees
• Changes in behaviours based on clear competencies outlined in the Curriculum
• Increased learning and knowledge based on clearly outlined Curriculum competencies and milestones

The results of the evaluation will also be used to assist in making decisions pertaining to improvements to the GSET program and Curriculum.

GSET Evaluation – 12 Month Report

The Australian Board in General Surgery is pleased to release the first GSET Evaluation Report.  The report reviews the first year of the Training Program.

If you have any queries pertaining to the report please contact:
Ms Monica Carrarini, MSurgicalEd
GSA, Director – Education & Training
E: [email protected]