Hospital Post Accreditation

How to apply for an Accredited Training Post in General Surgery

Hospitals are to note that the Board or Training Committee may request to delay the review of the post and recommend that the hospital place an unaccredited registrar in the post for 12 months following which a review will then be undertaken.

It is recommended that any logbook data for the new post be captured and is uploaded to your application to assist in the review process.

As per section 8.1.2d of the Hospital Accreditation and Trainee Feedback Regulations, for all new post applications, the hospital must provide at least one Consultant supervised outpatient clinic, with new and follow-up patients, per week except in an Acute Surgical Unit.

Application for new Hospital post/s accreditation for 2023 (potential 2024 accreditation) will open in December 2022, noting applications must be completed online and must be submitted no later than 31 March 2023.

How to apply for an Accredited Training Post in General Surgery

Hospitals must complete the Hospital Accreditation Application. This is an online form that captures the information required by the Australian Board in General Surgery and its Training Committee in reviewing the application.

The Online Application captures information pertaining to the RACS Accreditation of Hospitals and Posts for Surgical Education and Training: Process and Criteria for Accreditation booklet. You may download a copy of the booklet here.

The process for Hospital Post Accreditation is outlined in the Australian Board in General Surgery Hospital Accreditation and Trainee Feedback Regulations available here.

To request a login please email Julie Jones at [email protected] with the following information:

  •     Hospital Name
  •     Hospital Address
  •     Number of Posts hospital is applying for accreditation
  •     Unit Name for each post being applied for (e.g. General Surgery, Colorectal, UGI/HPB)
  •     Contact Person and Email (this is the person who will be provided with login details)

For all queries relating to Hospital Post Accreditation, please contact:

Julie Jones
Training, SIMG & Hospital Accreditation Coordinator
P +61 3 9249 1141
E [email protected]