Surveys & Research

Surveys or Interviews of GSA Members and Trainees

GSA Members and Trainees involved in research projects who wish to survey or interview the GSA membership (including Trainees, IMGs and Junior Doctors) must complete the GSA Research Survey Approval Form during the development phase of their project.

External researchers may also complete and submit a GSA Research Survey Approval Form, however are advised to note the Terms of Reference for survey distribution below.

Research Survey Approval Form

To download the Research Survey Approval Form, please click here.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for survey distribution can be downloaded here.


The GSA Research Survey Approval Form only relates to requests to survey or interview GSA Members and Trainees.

For the SET Program in General Surgery Research Requirement and pre-approval process, please submit a Trainee Request via TMS.

All Survey & Interview enquires should be directed to:

General Surgeons Australia
250-290 Spring Street
P +61 3 9249 1246
F +61 3 9249 1257