RACS Telehealth Survey Project

Posted: 18th of August, 2020

On 10 August 2020, RACS distributed a survey regarding Telehealth to all of Australia-based Fellows.

When surgeons complete this survey they are asked if they would also like to distribute a ‘Consumer Survey’ to their telehealth patients. RACS strongly supports this Telehealth survey project as they want to engage with Government regarding the future of the temporary MBS item numbers for surgical Telehealth established due to COVID-19.

RACS believes the data gathered from these Telehealth surveys has the potential to be highly persuasive with Government, and that the Government will be particularly interested in data from the Consumer Survey. RACS is particularly keen to get Fellows to distribute this survey to as many patients as possible.

GSA members are encouraged to participate - please email if you would like to be re-sent the survey.