Become a MOSES Instructor!

We are looking for keen enthusiastic MOSES INSTRUCTORS to help shape your future Specialist General Surgeon!

About the Course

The Management of Surgical Emergencies course aims to assist SET4+ Trainees and IMGs to:

  • Make better decisions, negotiate dilemmas, and manage distractors in emergency surgery
  • Reduce error
  • Achieve better outcomes
  • Work more effectively within a team
  • Improve situational awareness
  • Provide strategies for getting out of trouble
  • Assist with Fellowship Exam preparation

Run over two full days, MOSES involves a variety of teaching methods including core lectures, skills stations, and group discussions. 

Benefits of Joining the Faculty

  • Teach and train with like-minded individuals keen to positively influence the next generation of surgeon
  • Teach what you already know, and share your experiences. 
  • Understand and teach the nontechnical and technical skills required to be a competent general surgeon - skills that influence patient outcomes
  • Weekend course with great colleagues
  • Courses run at fantastic venues throughout Australia
  • Looks great on your CV

We run two courses a year, with each course running with 24 SET4+ trainees who are likely preparing for their Fellowship Exam. In order to join the faculty, you will need to attend one course as an observer

If you would like first-hand experience on what it's like to be a key member of the MOSES faculty, please reach out to Dr Sue Velovski from Ballina - [email protected] or 0419239967

If you are ready to join, please contact course coorindator Sally Erickson - [email protected].

Positions for Course Instructors filling fast - but we need you! Please apply if you enjoyed MOSES as a trainee , enjoy teaching, and want to make a difference to the future of General Surgery in Australia.