CTEC Skills Training Courses

Improving Patient Care through Medical and Surgical Simulation

The University of Western Australia’s Clinical Training & Evaluation Centre (CTEC) aims to provide an authentic simulated hospital and operating theatre training experience for medical professionals of all disciplines and levels. The CTEC facilities include a well-equipped skills laboratory, fitted out with advanced medical infrastructure and simulators.

CTEC’s Core Skills Courses are suitable for junior doctors who are considering a career in surgery (Pre-SET Trainees) or doctors who have been accepted on to a Royal Australasian College of Surgeons SET training program (SET 1-5 Trainees), and for Consultants.   All courses are accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.  The CTEC Core Skills Courses are specialty-specific, cadaver-based and highly practical which allows the Trainee or Fellow to learn essential surgical skills and practise procedures which are directly relevant to his/her interest area.  Core Skills Courses in Foundation and Intermediate Laparoscopic Surgical Skills courses are also available which are most suitable for Pre-SET Trainees and other postgraduate doctors with limited or no experience in laparoscopic surgery.  

Why Skills Training Centres?

Medical skills were previously acquired by supervised practice in an apprenticeship system. Due to decreasing patient availability, the increasing demand for a rapidly growing number of complex and potentially hazardous procedures, and the rising number of trainees, the opportunity to become competent in a medical skill using traditional training methods is diminishing.

Procedural training utilising simulation has many advantages:

  • Patient involvement in the early acquisition of a skill is minimised
  • The skill can be practiced repeatedly without patient harm
  • Skills reinforcement by expert feedback is facilitated
  • Training is student rather than patient focussed
  • Training can be tailored to individual skills needs
  • The skill set can be controlled with more efficient training
  • The need for fortuitous clinical training opportunities is eliminated resulting in faster acquisition of skills

Please visit the GSA Events Calendar for a list of CTEC Skills Training Courses relevant to General Surgery. For further information about CTEC please visit the website at http://www.ctec.uwa.edu.au/