Selection Guidelines

2024 Selection Process for 2025 Intake

Please read the Selection Guidelines prior to applying to General Surgery. The Guidelines will answer many common questions and provide you with important dates and helpful tips.

The Selection Guidelines are available here.

Below, you will also find examples of good and bad documentation regarding rotations. This is the area where applicants need to ensure their documentation is correct and valid.

It is vital that you provide accurate documentation for your rotations. Please talk to your Medical Administrators and ensure that your documentation is on hospital letterhead, signed, and clearly states:

  • Rotation type, (e.g. General Surgery, ED, Colorectal)
  • Dates of rotation terms on signed letterhead from the hospital
  • For vascular, thoracic, head and neck or paediatric rotations being used as General Surgery rotations documentation must state you were working for a General Surgeon and on the General Surgery on call roster. Otherwise they will not count as a General Surgery term and this may affect your eligibility.
  • For night and relieving rotations being used as a General Surgery rotation documentation must state that 80% of the term was undertaken covering General Surgery units as specified in 2.5.7a – 2.5.7l of the Regulations. This must be specified in the documentation.

If any of the above are not clearly stated on the documentation, the rotation will be deemed invalid and you may run the risk of being made ineligible to proceed in the Selection process.

Examples of Bad Documentation

The following examples demonstrate documentation that is not valid:

Examples of Good Documentation

The following examples demonstrate documentation that clearly states the rotation details:

For all selection queries please contact:

E [email protected]

All queries must be in writing.  Phone calls will not be accepted and you will be requested to put your query in writing to the above email address.