SET Training Research Requirement

All trainees must complete the mandatory Research Requirement as specified by the RACS. Prior to commencing a project, trainees must obtain pre-approval from their Training Committee to ensure projects are appropriate.  Trainees must submit a Trainee Request on TMS to obtain Pre-approval.

Following the completion of your research, you must submit an online Trainee Request through TMS requesting approval of the requirement by the Training Committee and the Australian Board in General Surgery, prior to applying for Fellowship in General Surgery.

Please click here to view a list of meetings approved by the Australian Board in General Surgery for presentation of research. This is not an exhaustive list of meetings. If your meeting is not listed, please ensure you submit documentation to your Training Committee with evidence that your meeting was subject to abstract selection and/or peer review. This will then be considered by the Training Committee.

All SET Research Requirement enquires should be directed to your Regional Executive Officer:

Please refer to the Contact Us page for details of your Regional Executive Officer.