Fellowship Examination

Please click here for further information on Modifications to the General Surgery Fellowship Examination 2020.

Fellowship Examination Preparation

Candidates presenting for the Fellowship Examination are expected to develop an exam preparation or study plan that covers the General Surgery syllabus. The plan should include activities that allow candidates to become familiar with the exam format. Activities should assist candidates develop effective techniques in responding to questions in the exam setting.

To download the Fellowship Examination Preparation form, please click here.

The Australian Board in General Surgery has published a Guide on preparing for the Fellowship Examination. The Guide provides advice on the following areas:

  • Structure and marking of the Examination
  • Tips on preparing for the Written Exam
  • Tips on preparing for the Vivas

The Guide can be downloaded here.

Patient History and Clinical Examination Assessment

The Patient History and Clinical Examination Assessment has been designed to assess the Trainee on their ability to clinically examine a patient. Trainees wishing to apply for the Fellowship Exam must submit three (3) valid Patient History and Clinical Examination Assessments with letter of support (refer Section 9.3 of the Training Program Regulations). All Trainees - including Exam Pending Trainees - are required to submit these assessments.

The form can be downloaded here.